Lahore and its Culinary Delights! (Part One)

by - January 06, 2015

Every Lahori guy loves to eat and every Lahori girl at least pretends she loves to eat. However, I would say both would rather face the dire consequences of diabetes ('shugar') and high blood pressure ( 'blood'), then opt for a tasteless, bland, oil-free meal. Regardless, you can't blame us given that there is so much good food in Lahore.

Gawalmandi Food Street
Gawalmandi itself is actually a part of Lahore, often regarded as the cultural centre of Lahore. The famous Food Street of Lahore is located here, which is crowded with families and extended-families and even more extended families. (Yes, nobody TRULY believes in 'do bachay hi achay' trans. 'Two children are good'). Although the food street has been destroyed

Tooba kay Cholay (Tooba's chickpeas)
OMG. This is the ultimate lentil dish you will have and beats the juiciest meat in the world. They are found in front of Odeon Cinema on Abbott road. The cholay are laden with oil and that only goes on to prove that all good things are either fattening or sinful!

Phajje ke Paye
Paye are the feet of goats. The real name of Phajje I believe is Fazl e Haq. He started his restaurant in Hira Mandi, the Red light district. Now, if you want to have dinner, you should wait in the line at 6:00 pm since there is a long queue of people waiting with hungry eyes for the sticky, gooey meat of goat feet. For most goras, I advise you to eat the Paye and not get into the details about what it is or how it is cooked, because although it is extremely delicious, it is laden with oil. However, it is supposedly an aphrodisiac (maybe due to the proximity of the Red Light area), and what is better than desi viagra.

I heard recently that Phajja has expanded his business and his famous, (or infamous) paye are sold in the Fortress stadium, Gawalmandi, Red light district, Model town, and a few more places that I am not aware of.
The real Phajja is however near the Taxali gate and you should go there to get the real deal. It is very close to the Badshahi Mosque.

Taka Tak and Gurday Kapooray
As much as I'd hate to admit this, but Pakistanis eat cooked kidneys (gurday) and testicles (kapooray). Don't be so grossed out. These are cooked and so well done that you can never guess from there looks what they are. Often, this cooked dish is called Taka Tak, which refers to the sound made by the chef while cooking the meal. For those who find this post disgusting, I assure you that you can pick and choose which parts to include in your serving (so you can decide not to choose testicles, ok). It is DELICIOUS.

One of the best places to get Taka tak is Lakshmi chowk, Gawalmandi. It is located right next to another famous place called Butt Karahi. You will be seated next to uncooked kidneys and testicles to keep you company.

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