Lahore and its Culinary Delights (Part Two)

by - June 04, 2015

I have done the local favourites that are meant to cause some 'feeling' in your intestines, but if you would like to explore non-desi food, here are some of my favorite eats. These are again my personal favorites and since I am not a fan of Chinese food, please feel free to add more via comments - The list is small since I am a big critic of 'Western' foods. Most of them are popularly located near M.M Alam or areas around Gulberg.

Cosa Nostra
Yes, all the pseudo posh people end up here, and everyone is dressed up and speaks in English and is nothing like the rest of Lahore, or Pakistan for that matter, but I like it for the Pizza and the ice cream - and also the fact that I do not have to take a dupatta with me there. Cosa Nostra actually has great thin-crust pizzas and they are not too pricey either - around Rs 500($5-6)/pizza. If you are a foreigner, you can peacefully eat here without attracting too much of attention and maybe get a few cursory glances but not more than that.

Bar B Q Tonight
I am not a big fan of desi barbecue (my sister and I both wince at the thought of barbecue) but I might make exception to Bar B.Q. Tonight. My dad took me here the first time, probably owing to the fact that it was located on the road named after my grandfather. Anyways, Bar. B.Q Tonight has some really good food, probably because the cooks are Pathan and Afghani. They definitely know their meat well. Its also not laden with oil the way most other places serve. The people here are usually families and more interested in food than staring at you so even if you don't completely fit in, no love lost.

Firstly, it's espresso and not expresso. Secondly, their bread and butter pudding is divine and I love sharing it with a friend to spare me the guilt of finishing it entirely on my own. They also have 'Mexican' food which is basically tortilla chips with salsa and sour cream. No guacamole though. That is the closest you can get to Mexican. Otherwise, their salads and desserts are good too. I haven't ventured further then that.

English Tea House
I really like their scones and they have tried to keep it fine dining but when all the aunties end up here, it can be annoying.

Other mentions
Gunsmoke- Great pepper steak for the price with huge servings. If you like meat, I would go for this place.
Café Aylanto - not too special. My grandfather use to call it Lanti which means useless and pathetic.
Café Zouk - Used to be the place to bring dates and where all the cool socialites hung out and where all schoolgirls were told not to go to. Has really loud music.
Freddy's - too-crowded

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