Cleveland Dam and Capilano River

by - May 08, 2021

Just north of the Lion's Gate Bridge is North Vancouver, which I daresay is a much more livable and likable than Vancouver itself. One of our earliest visits to North Van led us to the Capilano River Regional Park and the Cleveland Dam. The park is accessible all year, and has trails for all ages.

The regional park is right next to Capilano River, which serves as the border between North and West Vancouver (together known as the North Shore), and empties into the Burrard Inlet next to the Lions Gate Bridge. 

The reservoir created by Cleveland Dam is one of three drinking water sources for the residents of Vancouver. Its water is supplied from the spring and summer snow melt of several local mountains, including Grouse Mountain. The dam is named after Ernest Albert Cleveland who also served as the first chief commissioner of the Greater Vancouver Water District from 1926 until his death.

Here are some amazing views of the dam with mini-Galati!

How could I pass on the opportunity to visit a dam? eh?

The Capilano River Salmon Hatchery is another very important feature of the area. The hatchery was built to preserve the annual salmon run after Cleveland Dam blocked the route of returning fish. The hatchery is open to the public year-round and the viewing area offers a great opportunity to see fish jumping up the fish ladders, particularly in the early fall during the return of the Chinook and Coho salmon.

The park is best accessed from the North Vancouver side of the Capilano River by either parking at the Salmon Hatchery or further north at Cleveland Dam. The park is accessible by transit by either busses #232, #236, or #247.

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