Who's Galati?

Hi everyone! My name's actually Laila. No, I didn't quit my job to travel - I'm not that bold. I'm an engineer working on environmental issues, mostly water. My jobs have allowed me to travel and live in a few different places around the world. I grew up in Pakistan, and have traveled a large part of my own country - but still not everywhere. Then, I ended up moving to the US, where I studied, lived, worked, and henceforth, expanded by horizons to places all over the continent and then the globe.

Other hats I wear include a love for history, an enthusiasm to read (and maybe someday, write) science fiction, and I occasionally do some random writing on Medium.

How it Began?

Galati Travels didn't start off as a blog - but it began as an informal walking tour through the older parts of Lahore. It expanded into unofficial trips and tours for friends and families, whenever they would visit me! Thus, I created this blog to share my adventures exploring the world, with friends and family! Soon, I hope to share stories from the field as well!

What You Won’t Find Here

Instagram - obsession 
I haven't been to lucky with go-pros, cameras and photos - it's not the focus of the blog, partly because its hard to take great pictures all the time, when you're focused on other things. 

Shopping or nightlife tips 
It’s not that I don’t care about these things, I care about other things more. I won't have the best clubs either though I'll never say never. My city life section will touch on these, but it's not going to be my niche.

No bucketlist 
Actually no lists period. You guys are the best at making your own special lists - I can only offer  stories and insights.

What You Will Find Here 

First and foremost, I plan to be honest to myself and to my readers! I'm not doing this for a business - I earn enough income doing what I believe and hope will make a difference. Plus, I hope I can throw some really cool (maybe random) information around historical sights, get you excited about deeper travel, and maybe cross paths with you.

Stories and Anecdotes
My blog is focused more on stories and less on tips. However, those that are interested in history, culture and traditional activities are likely to enjoy this blog. But I focus a lot on random knowledge that you might not find on Wikitravel. That's more my niche.

Deeper learning
As I work in international development, I have had the privilege to be "stationed" in different places, where I have engaged with locals, academics, and experts in different fields. This has allowed me to explore a place better and deeper. This deeper exploration of a place, via local resources and knowledge, has given me access to curious discoveries that might otherwise remain out of sight for most casual tourists.

I’ve had access to education and opportunity. I've also had access to travel and people who have given me home and given me company. There's no question what makes all my trips special are the people who are encyclopedias of knowledge themselves and add to each trip. Thus, much of what I learn and see is from others and then share it along.