"Oh the Places You Will Go!"

Welcome to Galati Travels, a travel blog covering solo and family travel with a focus on exploring history and culture of the places!

Here you will find destination guides, walking tours, historical tidbits and our stories of travel. 

I've been blogging for more than ten years, so this blog follows me through life. And I'd love to share my stories with you! Thus far, I've been to 20 countries and counting!

These guides are designed to help you get a lay of the land, as well as give you a primer of the history of the country so that when you visit museums, you aren't totally clueless. 

Who doesn't like walking and what makes walking more interesting than walking tours? Here are some mapped walks! All you need is Google maps, and get exploring!

From posts about traveling with a tough passport, to travelling with a tough baby, these tips should have you covered!