Exploring Mughal Lahore: Shalimar Gardens

by - March 26, 2017

Another place I visited to document its history as part of the Mughal Gardens was Shalimar Gardens. These gardens are located near UET, just along the GT Road. They were in fact influenced by the Shalimar Gardens in Srinagar, in India. The latter were built by Jehangir, and they too have a similar architecture, with gardens linked through a channel. Jehangir's son, Shah Jahan was responsible for the Pakistan-side Shalimar Gardens.

The main entrance of the Garden is through GT Road. Going to the gardens, you first see a redstone wall with small decorative windows. Then, the thing which strikes out are the fountains in the water channel which stretches a very long way.

There are around 2-3 terraces in the garden. The 3rd and highest terrace is named Farah Baksh meaning Bestower of Pleasure, the 2nd level is known as Faiz Baksh meaning Bestower of Goodness and the 1st level terrace is the Hayat Baksh meaning Bestower of Life.

The Gardens in the early 1900's were so far off from the main city that couples would presumably honeymoon there! In fact, British couples would hire tongas and some cavalry to take them to the Gardens!

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