Sunehri Masjid

by - March 25, 2017

A while back, I had organized a trip to Wazir Khan Mosque, and as you walk from Delhi Gate to the mosque, you are bound to encounter the Sunehri Masjid, which was built after the Wazir Khan, at a time when the Mughal empire was facing decline.

The mosque was in fact constructed during the time of Muhammad Shah, one of the last Mughal emperors, and designe by the then, Deputy Governor of Lahore. Following that, it was converted to a gurdwara when Punjab was under Sikh rule. It was not until the 1820s when someone from the Fakir family (Fakir Azizuddin) convinced Ranjit Singh to transfer ownership back to the Muslim community.

To reach the mosque, you have to climb some stairs to see the mosque. The idea of this was to have the mosque elevated by 11 feet, from the bazaar, and to collect rent from the shops. Once you have climbed the stairs, you may find the gate locked.

Just ask around the storekeepers, and the main guy who is the guard there will be summoned. If you show him your ID card, and tell him your a tourist, he will open up the lock for you and let you in. Kind enough and he will even take a picture of you!

Once you climb the staircase in front of the mosque, you will see that it opens up to a small courtyard. There was some construction work being done there, but if you can get past that, you will be stunned by the beauty of the mosque. It's sad not much has been written about it though! There is an ablution tank in the centre of this courtyard. The prayer chambers are at the front, and I believe there are 7 in total. 4 minarets can also be seen!

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