Namsan area

by - June 28, 2017

If you happen to find yourself wondering what to do, you could head over to Myeongdong, followed by Namdaemun and finally, top this off with Namsan.

That's precisely what happened with us when we realized the place we were looking for didn't exist anymore. Myeongdong certainly has a lot to offer with its crowds and its street food. Then, head towards the Namsan tunnel.

To get to the cable car without having to walk too much, you take this elevator called the Namsan Oreumi. At the Namsal Exit 6, you will see a platform with an elevator going up. It's free so hop on it! The view is like going on top of a roller coaster. Namsan Oreumi runs a distance of 140m from the entrance of Namsan 3rd Tunnel to the parking lot of Namsan Cable Car and only takes about two minutes, as opposed to a 20 minute walk.

There, you can take the Namsan Cable which runs from the base of Namsan Mountain up to Namsan Seoul Tower. The cable car is extremely crowded and doesn't provide a view. It is NOT a touristy thing...just a mode of transportation. I highly suggest hiking up the mountain.

On top of the Namsan mountain will be the Namsan Seoul Tower is which comprises of Seoul Tower Plaza, which recently opened to public access after 40 years. If you want to go to the observatory, the ticket is 10,000 won for adults, though I didn't find that worth it.

There's a great burger place there called N Burger and you can sit at the edge and enjoy the view.


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