Top Korean Meals (that are Halal)

by - December 11, 2017

I only recently had a chance to explore non-street food in Seoul , since most of it is family style and requires you to eat out with a group. However, we had a bunch of family visit us, which made it perfect to eat out!


I heard about this dish from a friend, who like me, did not eat pork. I did a little bit of research, and this is a lot like Pakistani "aloo gosht" with chicken instead. Jjimdak comes from jjim, which means boiled or steamed, and dak which means meat. It is often called Andong-jjimdak because it originated in the city of Andong, in Gyeongsangbuk-do province, The dish consists of chicken and various vegetables marinated in a sauce called ganjang, which is a Korean version of soy sauce. It also contains some glass noodles that need to be cut using a scissor.

The  picture on the right shows jimdak. It costs around $40-50 for 5-6 people, but you can get a smaller size for 2-3 people for $20 or $30. It is really delicious. 

Dak Galbi
Dak Galbi is relatively well-known and comes from Chuncheon. The sauce is the typical red spicy sauce Koreans  use, called goc-hujang. Much like jjimdak, dak galbi consists of vegetables and chicken all cooked in a cast iron. The difference is that the chicken is boneless and in small pieces.

Fire Chicken
I don't know if its Korean, but I see it here all the time, especially in Hongdae. It is like deep fried chicken with tons of sauces and corn and cheese on the sides. No way that this can be healthy, but it certainly is delicious.

In the winter, everyone told us to try samgyetang and though I had heard of it since I had come here, I haven't tried it. I think its because none of my family or friends is interested in chicken soup. Its not really just chicken soup -  Samgyetang is a chicken and ginseng soup, which consists of whole young chicken filled with sweet rice, ginseng, spring onion, jujube, garlic and then boiled in a stone bowl. but at the end of the day, no one I know who has good food taste, wants to eat it.

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